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Elevating Kafka: Driving operational excellence with Albertsons + Forrester

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Data Streaming in Action: Real-World Use-Cases featuring Forrester and Albertsons

In a recent survey of 2,250 IT and engineering leaders, data streaming was highlighted as a top priority in their overall IT investments by 88% of the respondents. But what’s really driving this growth?

Join us to hear from guest speakers, Forrester VP and principal analyst Mike Gualtieri and Albertsons Senior Director of Omni-Channel Architecture Nitin Saksena, about the market trends driving the adoption of data streaming and its use-cases, and the key capabilities organizations need to look for in a vendor. You’ll also hear a real-world streaming success story from retail giant Albertsons. You'll learn how Albertsons switched from legacy message queues to a data streaming platform, which allowed them to build streaming pipelines that helped:

  • Distribute offers and customer coupons to each store in real time
  • Feed real-time data to analytics engines for forecasting
  • Ingest transactions in near real time to the data lakehouse to generate real-time dashboards

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