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Modernize Messaging Workloads to Move Beyond Queues and Pub/Sub

Simplify real-time data movement and set data in motion with a modern messaging platform. Avoid the headaches from data coupling and a lack of fault tolerance at scale with legacy messaging middleware. Augment and modernize your existing middleware with an elastically scalable and future-proof platform, engineered for the Cloud.

Challenges with legacy middleware

legacy middleware

Traditional messaging systems like Message Queues (MQs), Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs), and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools have been widely used for decades to handle message distribution and inter-service communication across distributed applications. However, they can no longer keep up with the needs of modern applications across hybrid and multi cloud environments for asynchronicity, heterogeneous datasets and high volume throughput.

Designed as monolithic systems, they are riddled with many challenges: they lack persistence or the ability to efficiently handle highly scalable, efficient and reliable message delivery. They donโ€™t handle the real-time interactions and in-flight stream processing that modern applications demand.

This has left organizations with significant technical debt, demanding the need for a modern approach to messaging middleware.

How Confluent Can Help

Confluent provides a future-proof platform, built on Apache Kafka, to stream data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It's infinitely scalable on-demand and is a persistent system of record. Remove operational complexity with a decoupled event-driven infrastructure so your developers can focus on building business logic faster with a rich ecosystem of connectors and sophisticated stream processing capabilities. Migrate at your own pace to a cloud-first architecture.

Build a Modern Architecture

Transform your infrastructure to enable real-time workloads and applications. Develop new use cases with a fast time to market in days, not months.

Why evolve from messaging

Achieve any Scale

Future-proof your data architecture to maintain high availability and performance at elastic scale. Our customers routinely use Confluent to Handle 10 Trillion+ Messages Per Day.

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Migrate with Ease

Start unlocking legacy data for new hybrid and multi cloud use-cases and easily migrate existing messaging workloads, at your own pace.

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Reduce Messaging TCO and Technical Debt

Cut 40-70% of your messaging costs and eliminate technical debt. Future-proof your data architecture with a cloud-ready solution.

Learn how Amyway cut millions in message queue costs

Why Confluent

Fully decouple, standardize and govern data across your systems

Schema Registry allows for a common way to share clean and governed data between producers and consumers, even as your schemas evolve over time. A rich ecosystem of 120+ connectors allows you to connect IBM MQ, TIBCO, HiveMQ, RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ to third party consumer applications (Snowflake, MongoDB).

Launch new real-time applications, within days with native stream APIs

Take advantage of Kafka-native stream APIs or ksqlDB, an event streaming database which supports new event patterns including event notifications, event sourcing and event carried state storage. Work in the language of your choice including Java, C, Node.js, Ruby, Go, .NET or Python.

Design a persistent system of record with in-order replay and design contextual stateful applications

Tiered Storage makes storing huge volumes of data in Kafka manageable by reducing operational burden and cost. Event Sourcing easily recreates materalized views. Exactly-once semantics guarantees all messages will always be delivered exactly once. Stateful applications eliminate performance impacts from additional queries to databases.

Leverage a fault-tolerant platform at elastic scale

Ensure the highest levels of availability and reliability with Cluster Linking for multi-zone and multi-region data backups. Monitor the health of your clusters, topics, and consumers in Confluent Control Center. Role-based access control (RBAC) provides multi-tenancy and enterprise scaling on a common infrastructure.

Eliminate slowdown and outages due to slow or offline consumers

Topic partitions provide high performance, scalable and deterministic persistence. Self-Balancing Clusters and Tiered Storage deliver fully automated load balancing. Confluent for Kubernetes simplifies deployment and operations, utilizing our packaged best practices to run a secure, reliable, and production-ready data-in-motion platform.

Modernize workloads incrementally over time, to reduce TCO and operational complexity

With support for traditional messaging patterns (Point-to-point and Publish/Subscribe routing semantics) in Confluent, migrate at your own pace without business disruption. Leverage a rich connector ecosystem and applications that natively have Kafka built-in. With Usage based billing, you only pay for what you use.

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Top 6 reasons to Modernize Legacy Middleware

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Why Customers Love Confluent



"Confluent is enabling us to address our need for a scalable, highly available messaging infrastructure that allows us to decouple our producers from consumers, setting the stage for us to be more flexible, agile, and responsive to change."

Sven Wilbert, Data Manager, NORD/LB

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