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June | Cost Effective

Learn how to make Apache Kafka¬ģ Cost Effective

  • Reduce TCO of Kafka by up to 60% using Confluent
  • Take your apps to market in 3 months vs. 2 years
  • Get started for free and keep costs low as Kafka scales

Disclaimer: Features on our product roadmap and their delivery or release date are subject to change.

Cost effective resources

June 17

Cost-Effective Apache Kafka for Use Cases Big and Small

June 19

The Cost of Apache Kafka: An Engineer's Guide to Pricing Out DIY Operations.

June 23

Webinar - Transforming Kafka into a cost effective event streaming platform


June 23

Measuring the Cost Effectiveness of Confluent Cloud

June 25

Unifying Streams and State: The Seamless Path to Real-Time

June 29

Reducing the Total Cost of Operations for Self-Managed Apache Kafka

July 7

Measuring TCO: Apache Kafka vs. Confluent Cloud’s Managed Service

July 27

How to Measure the Business Value of Confluent Cloud ft. Lyndon Hedderly

Why cost effectiveness matters

Reduce TCO of Kafka by up to 60% using Confluent

Building the right data architecture for every use case, especially with complex distributed systems like open source Apache Kafka, is expensive and time consuming. Developers and IT organizations are unable to move quickly to get apps to market, especially smaller organizations or individuals with limited resources.

Confluent's event streaming solutions allow you to:

  • Operate more efficiently using Confluent Cloud's fully-managed event streaming platform and unparalleled Kafka expertise
    • Eliminate operational costs by completely offloading the management burden of Apache Kafka to a fully-managed service.
    • Take advantage of paying only for what you use and Confluent Cloud's economies of scale to reduce hardware costs and convert CAPEX to OPEX.
    • Reduce downtime and associated revenue loss, troubleshooting time, brand damage, and customer churn with our guaranteed 99.95 uptime SLA, and in-place Kafka bug fixes.
    • Quickly tackle any Kafka problem and unblock any issue using Confluent's committer-driven support team with over 1 million hours in Kafka expertise.
  • Free up your best people to work on the critical projects that drive competitive advantage and revenue
    • Confluent Cloud is a fully-managed service - you don't need anyone to install, maintain or upgrade hardware
    • Developers stay focused on building apps, not managing large scale distributed infrastructure
  • Improve the efficiency of self-managed Kafka clusters by reducing infrastructure and operational costs with existing and soon-to-be-released features of Confluent Platform
    • Significantly reduce storage costs by offloading older data to cheaper object storage using Tiered Storage (preview). Minimize overprovisioning by decoupling the compute and storage, enabling you to scale them independently.
    • Fully automate partition rebalancing to optimize Kafka's resource utilization, minimize overprovisioning and eliminate complex manual operations using Self-balancing Clusters (coming soon).
    • Streamline the DR architecture by stretching a single Kafka cluster across data centers, avoid complex recovery coordination with automated failover, and minimize costly downtime and data loss with Multi-region Clusters (available).
    • Centralize multi-cluster management and monitoring, and adhere to established event streaming SLAs with Control Center (available).
Take your apps to market fast with a self-serve, complete platform in Confluent Cloud
  • Increase speed to market by streaming data through Kafka the day you sign up with Confluent Cloud
    • Don't waste 9 months trying to find the resources and build out your Kafka architecture
    • Start app development within a week, and keep it the focus from start to finish
  • Increase operational and developer efficiency with a complete solution to event streaming - not just Kafka ingest
    • No need to invest in additional systems or infrastructure to process streams, connect to sources and sinks, or secure data.
    • Ensure enterprise reliability and avoid wasting valuable development cycles building connectors or maintaining community-sourced ones
    • Easily access and experiment with the new features and updates regularly released into Confluent Cloud.
  • Accelerate time to market by automating self-managed Kafka deployment and key lifecycle operations on Kubernetes with Confluent Operator
    • Reallocate DevOps resources to high-value projects
    • Remove the need of deploying components of an event streaming platform in a bespoke, one-by-one manner
Get started for free and keep your costs low with scale-to-zero pricing and usage-based billing as Kafka scales

OSS Apache Kafka or partially-managed Kafka services are expensive to deploy and costly to manage. Plus, the price gets out of control fast, especially as the number of apps being built and the data required to support them scales up massively. Smaller organizations or individuals don't have the resources to get started, and larger organizations see their costs go up quickly as Kafka scales.

Confluent's complete event streaming platform lets you:

  • Get started for free and leverage 4x the free credits now available in Confluent Cloud!
  • Pay only for data streamed with scale-to-zero pricing using our Basic clusters, which now come with 99.5% uptime SLA
  • Leverage flexible, usage-based, commitment models for significant discounts across the entire solution that accommodate your budget and scale as your usage of Confluent Cloud grows
  • Starting this month, we're excited to announce a brand new startup program, beginning with Y Combinator, to provide startups $10,000 of free credits to use in Confluent Cloud
  • Get started on Confluent Platform with our Basics tier and get access to Control Center, Security fundamentals, Schema Registry, ksqlDB, and more, all supported by the world's foremost Kafka experts


Increase operational efficiency
Lower infrastructure costs
Lower risk of downtime
Confluent Cloud

No sizing with self-serve provisioning and seamless expansion of Basic, Standard, and Dedicated clusters

The only fully-managed Kafka offering with scale-to-zero pricing (with Basic clusters).

Expert, committer-led support engineers with over 1 million hours of Kafka expertise.

Confluent Platform

Eliminate or simplify complex, time-consuming, risky tasks with self-balancing clusters (coming soon), GUI-driven management and monitoring, fully automated disaster recovery and automated cluster deployment on bare metal, VMs, and Kubernetes

The only Kafka distribution that allows older data to be offloaded to cheaper object storage with Tiered Storage (preview)

Achieve faster recovery times (RTO) with automated failover and avoid data loss (RPO) with synchronous replication using Multi-region Clusters


  • June

    99.5% SLA on Basic

    Increased reliability for developers looking to go to production with scale-to-zero pricing

  • June

    Quadruple the free credits

    New customers can stream for free even longer with $200 of free credits each month for the first 3 months

  • June

    Startup program

    Partnering with Y Combinator to offer $10K in promo value to use toward Confluent Cloud.

  • June

    ksqlDB GA in Cloud

    Easily process streams with fully-managed ksqlDB in Confluent Cloud

  • June

    Fully-managed Connectors

    Quickly connect to top open source technologies and cloud providers with 7 new connectors

  • Available

    Pre-built Connectors

    Instantly connect to popular data sources and sinks with over 100 Kafka connectors

  • Available

    Control Center

    Centralize multi-cluster management and monitoring, adhering to established event streaming SLAs

  • Available


    Accelerate time to market by automating Kafka deployment and key lifecycle operations on Kubernetes

  • Available

    Multi-region Clusters

    Stretch a Kafka cluster across data centers and minimize costly downtime with automated failover

  • Preview

    Tiered Storage

    Reduce infrastructure costs by enabling Kafka to offload older data to inexpensive object storage

  • Coming Soon

    Self-balancing Clusters

    Automate partition rebalances to optimize Kafka's resource utilization and minimize overprovisioning

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