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Customer Panel: Transforming Kafka into a Cost-Effective Event Streaming Platform

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With a big shift in the global economy due to COVID-19, finding new ways to save money, focus on high-value projects, and differentiate against the competition is more important than ever. One thing is clear, the simplest and quickest path forward is to accelerate digital transformation efforts and focus on your core differentiators.

Apache Kafka® is the de facto standard for event streaming and a key enabler of your digital transformation effort, but managing it often takes resources away from working on high-value projects, resulting in delayed time to market and money sunk into non-differentiating activities.

With Confluent Cloud, companies can completely offload the burden of Kafka management and focus on revenue-generating projects that deliver improved customer experiences and positively impact the bottom line.

Register now to learn how Confluent Cloud empowers Expedia, Nuuly (an Urban Outfitters brand), and Optimove to:

    • Provide more value to customers with real-time, personalized, in-app experiences
    • Reduce operating costs by focusing resources on high-value projects instead of managing Kafka clusters
    • Significantly increase speed to market with a complete event streaming platform that processes data streams and connects across you ecosystem
    • Operate more efficiently with lower infrastructure costs, maintenance, and downtime risk


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