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Confluent for Communication Service Providers

Prior to the pandemic, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) already had a lot going on. Increased pricing competition meant you had to invest heavily to build your brand, create efficient billing systems and keep up with customer demands for speedier data connectivity and content delivery. The increased usage of video, text and data over the past couple of years have only increased reliance on your critical network infrastructure.

How can you meet or even exceed customer expectations while being able to identify network faults and reroute traffic in real time?

This is where Confluent and data in motion can help.

With Confluent's foundational platform to set your data in motion, you can unlock the value of real-time data, from multiple sources streaming across your enterprise, to build rich digital front-end customer experiences and transition to real-time backend operations.

You can unlock new revenue streams, deliver personalized customer experiences, limit churn, and reduce operating expenses with a future-proof data architecture built to process real-time data at scale.

Trusted by the World’s Leading CSPs

Data in motion is used by the top CSPs for a wide variety of use cases.


How Confluent Can Help

Unlock new revenue streams. Reimagine customer experiences. Modernize your OSS stack. Future-proof for scale.

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences and Reduce Customer Churn

Combine data from your mobile, fixed line, broadband, streaming business and social feeds to build a customer 360 view and offer personalized offers and promotions. Act at the right time with the right next best offer to reduce churn.

Build a Platform for Connected Cars and Smart Cities

Collect and run analytics on IoT sensor and device data from connected vehicles. Improve traffic congestion and reduce vehicle emissions with real-time routing services and smart traffic management systems.

Innovate New Revenue Streams using 5G, the Edge, and the Cloud

Integrate and process data at the edge from audio, video, and sensor feeds using 5G, and build data pipelines for analytics workloads on the cloud. Offer differentiated try-before-you-buy experiences based on augmented reality, provide location-based services and real-time notifications to customers to increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Monitor the Health of Your Network in Real-Time

Identify network faults, reroute traffic, and send pro active alerts to customers in case of outages. Plan and deploy your networks to maximize ROI, based on telemetry data, customer usage, and real-time analytics.

Build a Real-Time Framework for Operational Intelligence

Create real-time dashboards for insights into key customer metrics and automate customer support, network operations, and back-office functions.

Perform Real-time Threat Detection at the Edge

Identify and isolate threats to your network in real time with multi-access edge computing and stream processing. Protect against Denial of Service attacks on users based on geo-location and perform predictive baselining of resource usage to identify trends.

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases for Communication Service Providers.

Flag Abnormal IoT Devices

Build Customer Loyalty Schemes

Identify Firewall Deny Events

Understand User Behavior with Clickstream Data

Why Confluent

Accelerate application development, reduce operational burden and technical debt, fast track to the cloud and propel your businesses forward.

Unrestricted Developer Productivity

Democratize Apache KafkaÂź for a wider range of developers and accelerate how fast they build event streaming applications.

Efficient Operations at Scale

Minimize operational complexity while ensuring high performance and scalability as data streaming grows throughout your organization.

Production-Stage Prerequisites

Architect the platform with the foundational enterprise-level attributes needed to implement data streaming in production.

Committer-Driven Expertise

Built by the original creators of Kafka, get Gold support from the world’s foremost Kafka experts, who work directly with Kafka committers to assist you throughout the application development lifecycle.

Freedom of Choice

Deploy On premises, in public or hybrid cloud, from bare metal to Kubernetes, or leverage a fully managed, cloud-native service with Confluent Cloud.

Save Time and Money

Offload the burden of Kafka management, save on hardware, and automatically fine-tune your infrastructure to maximize efficiency and core business value.

Why Customers Love Confluent



«Kafka est la solution idĂ©ale pour nous. Il s’agit de la norme de facto pour l’analyse des flux. Elle nous offre par ailleurs une immense opportunitĂ© d’évolution horizontale dans une architecture multilocataire. Confluent comble nos attentes Ă©levĂ©es en matiĂšre de conformitĂ©, de sĂ©curitĂ© et de rĂ©silience. Nous avons choisi Kafka en toute confiance pour rĂ©pondre aux exigences critiques de nos clients.»

Manu Mukerji, Senior Director de l’apprentissage automatique, de l’IA et des analyses

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