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8x8 Powers Real-Time Contact Center Analytics with Confluent

Kafka est la solution idéale pour nous. Il s'agit de la norme de facto pour l'analyse des flux, et elle nous offre une énorme opportunité d'évolution horizontale dans un environnement multilocataire. La plateforme Confluent satisfait nos attentes élevées en matière de conformité, de sécurité et de résilience. Nous avons choisi Kafka en toute confiance pour répondre aux exigences critiques de nos clients.

Manu Mukerji | Senior Director of ML, AI, and Analytics


Deliver real-time analytics for cloud-based communications services in a mission-critical, multi-tenant environment.


Use Confluent to create a reliable, secure, and scalable event streaming platform that collects and analyzes calls and other events, generating billions of metrics that fuel real-time dashboards for 8×8’s customers.

Confluent features used

  • Replicator
  • Confluent Control Center


  • Lower costs and faster service delivery
  • Highly resilient platform for mission-critical services
  • Rock-solid security for sensitive customer data
  • Enables innovation

As a leading cloud communications platform provider, 8×8 enables more than a million business users to collaborate faster and work smarter. The company provides voice, video, chat, and contact center solutions on a unified global platform, complemented by real-time analytics that help enterprises delight their customers and accelerate their businesses.

As a fast growing multi-tenant SaaS Contact Center solution, 8×8 needed a way to rapidly and cost-effectively add new customers. To support this, the company decided it wanted a single event streaming platform for all of its customers – one that could scale quickly and easily as new customers joined. The platform needed to be multi-tenant, providing strict data separation – a key customer requirement – and it had to be highly resilient given its mission-critical nature. Robust security was also a must, since 8×8 handles sensitive caller information. To meet this need, 8×8 chose Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform.

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