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August | Everywhere

Apache Kafka¬ģ Everywhere with Confluent

  • Freedom of choice to deploy Kafka wherever you want with Confluent via any cloud vendor
  • Deploy Kafka faster by accessing Confluent Cloud directly through cloud marketplaces
  • Effortlessly integrate best of breed Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS services to Confluent

Everywhere resources

Aug 5

Confluent Cloud for Apache Kafka Available Everywhere


Apache Kafka as a Service with Confluent Cloud Now Available on Cloud Marketplaces

July 23

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Aug 10

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Aug 12

Bridge your Kafka Streams to Azure

Power business applications with Confluent Cloud and Azure solutions (SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake Storage and more)

Aug 19

AWS Dev Day Virtual Hands-on Workshop

Modernizing from on-prem to cloud

Aug 20

Bridge to Cloud Series: Deploy Event-Driven Architectures Everywhere

Aug 25

Kafka Summit

How Confluent Completes the Event Streaming Platform

Sept 3

Enabling the Deployment of Event-Driven Architectures Everywhere Using Microsoft Azure and Confluent Cloud

Build a persistent bridge from on-premises Azure with Confluent Replicator

Why everywhere matters

Freedom of choice to deploy Kafka wherever you want

Problem: Public cloud providers offer hundreds of infrastructure service options, making it a challenging and time consuming task to efficiently provision enterprise ready Apache Kafka clusters in the cloud. Teams need to ensure cloud infrastructure (ie. compute, network, storage, and availability) is optimized to meet Kafka requirements, which can delay app development teams for months with cumbersome trial and error performance testing. Additionally, if you are concerned about vendor lock-in or considering a multi-cloud strategy, variations across each cloud platform make the cluster migration or replication process even more painful since your IT team will need to re-architect, re-design, and re-test with each cloud provider.

  • Maintain the flexibility to deploy Kafka across AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud at any point in time
  • Eliminate vendor-lock in by ensuring your enterprise grade clusters are reliably available and consistent regardless of which cloud vendor you chose to deploy on
  • Abstract the infrastructure complexity away from your architects and developers to keep focus on next-gen app innovation rather than Kafka management
  • Simplify and automate the deployment of self-managed Confluent on Kubernetes across any Cloud provider:
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)
    • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    • Plus any Kubernetes distribution or managed service meeting the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's (CNCF) conformance standards
Deploy Kafka faster via AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces

Problem: The process of requesting additional budget to purchase new technologies can be a long and cumbersome process that requires navigating through multiple layers of approval (ie. legal, operations, and finance). This could potentially result in delayed projects and delay innovation due to wasted time on navigating internal processes. Confluent allows you to:

  • Simplify the procurement process for Confluent Cloud with direct access through the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces, allowing you to skip through multiple layers of approval and new vendor onboarding
  • Reduce budget friction by reallocating some of your existing enterprise cloud agreement spend towards Confluent Cloud as part of our partner agreements and marketplace billing integrations
  • Leverage flexible, usage-based, commitment models for significant discounts across the entire Confluent Cloud solution that accommodate your budget and scale as your usage of Confluent Cloud grows
Seamless integrations with best-of-breed cloud services

Problem: In order to realize the full value of event streaming, you'll need to integrate Kafka to other best-of-breed cloud service tools. When self-managing Kafka, this can be an unwieldy task that requires your development team to write point-to-point custom code since there are no native integrations. Developers and organizations spend time building and maintaining scripts rather than bringing apps to market quickly. Confluent solves this by enabling you to:

  • Quickly connect to popular sources and sinks within your cloud provider of choice such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Easily connect data from different sources and sinks across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud into your clusters with our pre-built connectors, regardless of which cloud they live in (more details).
  • Ensure high-availability, protect against service disruptions, and experience lower latency as Confluent expands the portfolio of supported cloud regions for all cloud vendors:
    • Azure France Central (francecentral)
    • GCP Jakarta (asia-southeast-2)
    • GCP Taiwan (asia-east1)
    • GCP Sao Paulo (southamerica-east-1)
    • AWS Paris (eu-west-3)

Confluent Cloud Benefits

Future-proof Kafka Architecture
Simplify Procurement
Build Faster

Ensure clusters are available and consistent across cloud vendors

Simplify procurement via integrated billing through cloud marketplaces

Leverage pre-built connectors to kickstart event streaming initiatives

Confluent Cloud Features

  • August

    AWS Marketplace Listing

    Integrated billing and direct access to Confluent via AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces

  • Available

    Fully-managed Connectors

    Quickly connect Kafka to top AWS, Azure, and GCP services

  • August

    Additional Cloud Regions

    Ensure high-availability, protect against service disruptions, and experience lower latency globally

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