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With our System Integrators, customers can accelerate their real-time data streaming journey across any industry and use case, helping teams be more efficient and focus more on productivity.


Empower Customers to Overcome Market Challenges

Confluent is not just a solution; it's a strategic partner in overcoming business challenges. By identifying these challenges and associated use cases, Confluent partners enables businesses to penetrate hard-to-reach markets, opening up new opportunities for growth.

Overcome Market Challenges

Confluent's partner program is leading to substantial growth as we grow EY's Data in Motion Practice. The partner program's new offerings, focusing on advanced training and increased access to sales and executive resources, are poised to elevate our joint go-to-market strategies. Aligned with our commitment to a robust Data in Motion practice, these innovations promise cutting-edge service offerings, reinforcing our differentiation in the market. We look forward to continued success, providing unmatched value to our customers.

Doyle Leabch
North America Head of Integration

Professional Services Excellence

To help more organizations harness the power of data streaming, Accelerate with Confluent redefines the dynamics of Confluent’s partnership model. Partners will be able to choose from multiple avenues for Partner engagement with Professional Services.


Combining Confluent's expertise with certified partners delivers holistic solutions, integrating diverse skills for customer success.

Strategic Staffing

Integrating Confluent partner experts boosts customer experience, expands delivery teams, and accelerates project timelines.

Crafting Long-Term Data Strategies

Confluent partners ensure sustained success by helping businesses build robust data streaming frameworks aligned with long-term strategies.

SI service offerings embedded into Confluent’s GTM

SIs that join Accelerate with Confluent will get access to a wide variety of opportunities that will allow them to showcase their Confluent expertise. Recent examples include the Confluent Migration Accelerator and recent GA announcement of Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink. This will align joint GTM engines to better tackle the $60B market opportunity associated with data streaming.

Build a partnership to engage early in sales cycle

Confluent prioritizes building a strong partner network, offering comprehensive training and support that enables early engagement and provides technical resources, ensuring readiness to deliver tailored solutions. Leveraging Confluent’s data streaming platform and partner solutions, businesses can develop cutting-edge AI applications seamlessly.

Variety of new tools to form a strong partnership

The Confluent Partner Portal is your one stop shop for collaboration, driving sales, boosting marketing efforts and optimizing technical activities. Confluent will accelerate joint GTM strategy and empower partners to lead the opportunity with the appropriate sales and enablement tools on hand. Confluent enablement is dedicated to developing, delivering and measuring results-driven product and sales enablements to drive growth through consumption and new opportunities.

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