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MongoDB and Confluent

Modernize Data Architectures with Apache Kafka® and MongoDB

A new generation of technologies is needed to consume and exploit today’s real time, fast moving data sources. With event streaming from Confluent and the modern general-purpose distributed document database platform from MongoDB, you can run your business in real-time, building fast moving applications enriched with historical context. Together, Confluent and MongoDB modernize your application architecture, letting you build sophisticated data-driven and event-driven applications, uncovering new sources of data and deriving insights that gives your business a competitive advantage.

MongoDB Partner

Confluent brought home the MongoDB Technology Partner of the Year Award!


Confluent brought home the MongoDB Technology Partner of the Year Award! Congrats to our incredible team on this achievement! Learn how Confluent & MongoDB work together to modernize our customers’ data architectures using #DataInMotion

Why MongoDB and Confluent?

Gain deeper insights

Learn more from your data in MongoDB by combining data from other sources through Kafka and Kafka Connect

Die freie Wahl

Confluent und MongoDB lassen sich in jeder beliebigen Cloud nutzen. Alternativ kann beim Streaming zwischen lokalen und Public Clouds gewechselt werden – manuell oder automatisch verwaltet in der Confluent Cloud.

Microservices Enablement

Together, MongoDB’s dynamic schemas and the scalability and flexibility of Confluent Platform tackle the demands of microservice architectures

Trusted by Enterprises

Industry proven architecture provides a secure, reliable, scalable and globally distributed solution

MongoDB & Confluent Integration

Imagine streaming data from multiple sources including legacy platforms, IoT sources, or MongoDB. Confluent processes and streams the data to MongoDB for analytics, reporting, or long term storage. The MongoDB Connectors, available as self-managed or fully managed in Confluent Cloud, opens the door for many scenarios where sink and source capabilities are needed.


MongoDB Kafka Connector (self-managed)

Getting Started with the self-managed MongoDB Kafka Connector

Confluent and MongoDB Reference Architecture

Announcing the MongoDB Atlas Sink and Source Connectors in Confluent Cloud

Build Fully Managed Data Pipelines with MongoDB Atlas and Confluent

Master Streaming Data Pipelines With Confluent and its Partner Ecosystem