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Confluent Cloud on GCP marketplace

Fully Managed Apache Kafka® on GCP

Focus on building apps and not managing clusters with a scalable, resilient & secure service built and operated by the original creators of Apache Kafka. Effortlessly connect to your existing data services to build real-time, event driven applications with managed connectors to GCS, BigQuery, Cloud Dataproc & more making Kafka a central event store.

Why Confluent Cloud on GCP Marketplace?

Integrate Confluent Cloud with your existing Google Cloud billing when you subscribe through the GCP marketplace. Built and operated by the original creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud provides a simple, scalable, resilient, and secure event streaming platform for the cloud-first enterprise, the DevOps-starved organization, or the agile developer on a mission.

  • Serverless

    Scale with cloud-native agility

    • Scale elastically between 0 - 100 MBps
    • No cluster sizing with self-serve provisioning
    • Pay only for what you actually stream
    • Start streaming in minutes
  • flexible

    Stream across hybrid clouds

    • Build a persistent bridge from on-premises to cloud with hybrid Kafka service
    • Stream across public clouds for multi-cloud data pipelines
  • reliable

    Run mission-critical apps

    • Guarantee 99.95% uptime SLA
    • Scale to 10s of GBps with dedicated capacity
    • Achieve sub 30 ms latency at scale
    • Enterprise-grade security & compliance
  • complete

    Do more with Apache Kafka

    • Ensure data compatibility with fully-managed Schema Registry
    • Real-time processing with fully-managed ksqlDB
    • Integrate all your systems quickly with Kafka connectors

Features and Pricing

Focus on app development with a complete event streaming service that includes fully managed Apache Kafka, Schema Registry, Connect & ksqlDB.



Introducing Confluent Cloud on GCP

Read about the benefits of being able to access Confluent Cloud on the GCP Marketplace and learn how you can get started.

Confluent Cloud Quick Start

Get up and running with Confluent Cloud after you sign up through the GCP Marketplace.
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Best Practices for Developing Apache Kafka® Applications on Confluent Cloud

Access everything you need to know about Confluent Cloud - from topic management to monitoring and performance tuning.

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