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Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields Transforms Its Enterprise Data Platform with Confluent and Google Cloud

A leading skincare brand and direct selling company in North America, Rodan + Fields (R+F) operates under a unique consumer-connected model. In this model, data-driven insights are used to drive sales directly to consumers as well as through the company’s 300,000 Independent Consultants. The success of this model is tied to the efficient and rapid movement of data, both between the company and its Consultants and within the company itself.

R+F recently transformed its core data platform from a batch-oriented paradigm centered around databases to one in which vital data moves in near real-time between services in the cloud. This transformation, powered by Confluent and Google Cloud Platform, has enabled R+F to lower costs, synchronize data during its on-prem to cloud migration, shutter its physical data center operations faster, and provide analytics teams and Independent Consultants with the data they need faster.


Replace a batch-oriented, database-centric legacy data platform that was slowing the business and becoming increasingly difficult to scale.


Work with Confluent and Google to set data in motion with a cloud-based, real-time streaming architecture.


  • Accelerated business transformation by more than a year
  • Cut administrative costs
  • Leveraged more internal expertise
  • Eliminated hour-long latencies

Jason Mattioda

Rodan + Fields

Confluent and Google Cloud enabled us to address our large database footprint and retire our legacy data platform, which was in many ways our Achilles heel. After moving to real-time streaming on a cloud-based modern architecture, we can now deliver new features and capabilities to our customers and know that they won’t be slowed by an outdated architecture.

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