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Real-Time Analytics: Best Practices and Use Cases for Deploying Apache Kafka on AWS with Confluent

The exponential growth in data-generating events—spurred by an increasingly digital world—requires businesses to evolve their strategies to properly store, process, leverage, and monetize their data. Apache Kafka®, a distributed, open source event-streaming platform, is capable of handling trillions of events a day so businesses scan maintain continuity and deliver better customer experiences in real-time. In this eBook from Confluent and AWS, discover when and how to deploy Apache Kafka on your enterprise to harness your data, respond in real-time, and make faster, more informed decisions.

This eBook will explore best practices to:

  • Modernize your data architecture with AWS and Confluent
  • Accelerate your business goals
  • Focus on the value of your apps and do more with your data
  • Get the maximum ROI from your Apache Kafka deployment

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