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Real-Time Data Streaming with Kafka and Confluent in the Telecom Industry

Real-time data streaming is a hot topic in the Telecommunications Industry. As telecommunications companies strive to offer high speed, integrated networks with reduced connection times, connect countless devices at reduced latency, and transform the digital experience worldwide, more and more companies are turning to Apache Kafkaโ€™s data stream processing solutions to deliver a scalable, real-time infrastructure for OSS and BSS scenarios. Enabling a combination of on-premise data centers, edge processing, and multi-cloud architectures is becoming the new normal in the Telco Industry. This combination is enabling accelerated growth from value-added services delivered over mobile networks.

Join Kai Waehner, Technology Evangelist at Confluent, for this session which explores various telecommunications use cases, including data integration, infrastructure monitoring, data distribution, data processing and business applications. Different architectures and components from the Kafka ecosystem are also discussed.

Join this online talk to learn how to:
- Overcome challenges for building a modern hybrid telco infrastructure
- Build a real time infrastructure to correlate relevant events
- Connect thousands of devices, networks, infrastructures, and people
- Work together with different companies, organisations and business models
- Leverage open source and fully managed solutions from the Apache Kafka ecosystem, Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud

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