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Practical Pipelines: A Houseplant Soil Alerting System with ksqlDB

ยซ Kafka Summit London 2022

Houseplants can be hard โ€“ in many cases, over- and under-watering can have the same symptoms. Take away the guesswork involved in caring for your houseplants while also gaining valuable experience in building a practical, event-driven pipeline in your own home! This talk explores the process of building a houseplant monitoring and alerting system using a Raspberry Pi and Apache Kafkaยฎ.

Moisture and temperature readings are captured from sensors in the soil and streamed into Kafka. From here, weโ€™ll use stream processing to transform the data, creating a summary view of the current state and driving real-time push alerts to your phone through Telegram. In this session, Iโ€™ll talk about how I ingest the data, followed by a look at the tools, including ksqlDB and Kafka Connect, that will help transform the raw data into useful information.

By the end of the talk, youโ€™ll have everything you need to start building practical streaming pipelines in your own home. Roll up your sleeves โ€“ letโ€™s get our hands dirty!

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