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6 Nines: How Stripe keeps Kafka highly-available across the globe

ยซ Kafka Summit London 2022

Availability is a key metric for any Kafka deployment, but when every event is critical the system must be centered around keeping publishers and consumers highly available, even when a Kafka cluster goes down. At Stripe our core business relies on Kafka, and as we outgrew a single Kafka cluster we had to build a multi-cluster system which would fit our needs while supporting a target of 99.9999% availability for our most critical use cases.

In this talk weโ€™ll discuss our solution to this problem: an in-house proxy layer and multi-cluster toplogy which weโ€™ve built and operated over the past 3 years. Our proxy layer enables multiple Kafka clusters to work in coordination across the globe, while hitting our ambitious availability targets and providing clean client abstractions.

In this talk weโ€™ll discuss how our Kafka deployment provides: availability for both publishers and consumers in the face of cluster outages, increased security and observability, simplified cluster maintenance, and global routing for constraints such as data locality. Weโ€™ll highlight the benefits & tradeoffs of our approach, the design of our proxy layer, Kafka configuration decisions, and where weโ€™re planning to go from here.

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