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Data governance and discoverability at AO.com

ยซ Kafka Summit Europe 2021

One challenge of widespread adoption of any technology within an organization is balancing organic growth and maintaining standards and best practice. At AO.com - one of the UK's largest online electrical retailers - weโ€™ve invested in tooling to simplify application onboarding into the event processing platform. This includes creating topics, defining access to the platform and supporting our governance functions.

A key part of any data function is data governance and discoverability. Through standardised definitions of Kafka topics and use of Avro schemas, we can map which topics exist, what data they contain and who has access to them. This allows us to support multiple cross-functional teams using automatic data gathering.

In this session, AO.com and Confluent Professional Services will share how we tackled the challenge of platform adoption and provide hands-on examples of the open-source tools, ""Kafka Clusterstate Tools"" and ""Kafka Streams Inspector"", we developed.

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