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Analytics in Interactive Gaming - The Kafka Way

ยซ Kafka Summit Europe 2021

Being a pioneer in the interactive gaming industry, SONY PlayStation has played a vital role in implementing technological advancements thus help bringing global video gaming community together. With the recent launch of next generation console PS-5 into the market by partnering with thousands of game developers and millions of video gamers across the globe, humongous volumes of data generation in playstation servers is quite inevitable. This presentation talks about how we leveraged big data technologies along with Apache Kafka to solve some of the realtime data analytical problems. Two important case studies we carryout recently are: ""Competitive pricing analysis of game titles across online video game marketplaces"" & ""understand the gamers sentiment by streaming data from social feeds and perform NLP"" Along with Apache Kafka, the technologies that we have used to architect the solution are: REST API, ZooKeeper, D3.js visualization, DoMo, Python, SQL, NLP, AWS Cloud & JSON.

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