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At home, I monitor the temperature, humidity, gas levels, ozone, air quality, and other features around my desk.

Let's bring this to the different spots around the conference including lunch tables, vendor booths, hotel rooms, and more. I need to know about these readings now, not when I get back home from the conference. We need to get these sensor readings immediately in case we need to turn on a fan or move to another area. We will also see if my talk produces a lot of hot air!?!??

My setup is pretty simple, a raspberry pi, a breakout garden sensor mount, and as many sensors as I am willing to fly to Austin. The software stack is Python and Java, Apache Pulsar, MQTT, HTML, JQuery, and Apache Kafka.

https://dzone.com/articles/five-sensors-real-time-with-pulsar-and-python-on-a https://www.datainmotion.dev/2022/04/flip-py-pi-enviroplus-using-apache.html https://dzone.com/articles/pulsar-in-python-on-pi

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