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CarIT Kongress: Book an appointment with the Kafka experts

Meet Confluent at the CarIT Kongress during IAA in Hanover this year on September 25.

For the automotive industry, the digital transformation is as well a digital revolution: new market players, new technologies and the ever-increasing volumes of data create new opportunities, but also new challenges - and require completely new approaches in addition to new IT architectures.

Creating agile processes and services through real-time decision making requires an event streaming architecture as the central nervous system of the digital enterprise.

Confluent is Connecting Cars. Connecting Customers. Connecting Construction.
By placing a streaming platform as the central nervous system into the heart of every automotive company.

If you want to arrange a meeting, please fill out the form and feel free to give us some context around your request. We will then reach out to you to define the exact timing and your Confluent contact.

Make sure to check out our interactive workshop session as well:

Workshop Session: Connecting Cars: The streaming platform as the central nervous system of modern OEMs
Room: Sydney 2 | 13:05 – 13:35

Falko Schwarz & Perry Krol, Confluent

You can learn more about the event here.

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