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Risk Focus Delivers Order Management Platform at Top 5 Global Bank

“이 미션 크리티컬 시스템은 Risk Focus의 거래 시스템 전문 지식에 Kafka 기반 아키텍처에 대한 Confluent의 전문 지식을 보완하여 성공적으로 재설계되었습니다. Risk Focus는 소프트웨어 개발에 대한 반복적인 접근 방식을 사용하면서 세부 사항에 주의를 기울임으로써 이 새로운 스트리밍 플랫폼이 클라이언트의 비즈니스 요구 사항을 충족할 수 있었습니다.”

Tom Arnemann | 서비스 부문 글로벌 딜리버리 디렉터


The client’s proprietary trade order management system was in need of a technology refresh in order to provide greater throughput, resiliency, and fault tolerance.


Risk Focus worked closely with Confluent to develop an extensive fault-testing plan for the client’s application while the Confluent team worked to help build out the extensive platform deployment.


Risk Focus worked closely with Confluent to deliver a high-performance, resilient order management system for the client. The Risk Focus team successfully delivered the entire system on budget and according to the client’s specifications. As a result, the client now has an application that can handle orders for its entire line of products in a highly available, fault-tolerant system.


The wealth management division of a top 5 global bank engaged Risk Focus to re-architect its order management system using Kafka. Risk focus worked closely with Confluent to deliver a re-architected streaming application that efficiently, reliably, and securely handles orders for the client’s entire line of products.

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