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Cerved expedites strategic decision-making with real-time data access from Confluent

Availability of data is crucial, and having a fully managed platform for the data distribution lets us provide solutions to our customers at speed

Pasquale Fosso | Head of Data Architecture


Distributed databases in different technologies were causing slow query times and high latency as the system struggled to locate and process data at speed โ€” which negatively impacted service delivery.


Cerved partnered with Confluent to provide instant access to business-critical data to empower strategic decisions and support.


  • Near-real time data propagation (event driven architecture)
  • Increased availability with Confluentโ€™s managed service thatโ€™s helped build resilient systems with a 99.99% SLA.
  • Increased security with automatic monitoring and alarming.
  • Increased Scalability - with a higher number of projects and automated expansion of platform capacity
  • Cost savings thanks to reduced infrastructure costs and infrastructure governance, with a 24/7 dedicated support from Confluent Cloud.
  • Disaster recovery thatโ€™s automatically updated with cluster link and schema links.
Cerved Customer Story

Cerved is an IT company and leading provider of credit information, market advice, and risk intelligence serving a variety of sectors. Over 30,000 businesses and 95% of Italian banks use Cerved to identify new strategies, protect themselves from risk, improve performance, and grow sustainably.

Data is the driving force behind Cervedโ€™s continued success. But when that data is split across multiple platforms that donโ€™t communicate, accessing key insights is time-consuming and wastes resources that could be better used elsewhere.

To provide a faster and more effective B2B service, Cerved needed a streaming platform that could handle huge amounts of data and form the basis for its new, connected ecosystem.

In 2017, Confluent provided Cerved with an on premise platform to manage faster access to business-critical data at the touch of a button. The information services provided could now deliver strategic solutions and risk management support to the business in near real time.

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