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Show Me How: Build Streaming Data Pipelines for Real-Time Data Warehousing

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

Data pipelines continue to do the heavy-lifting in data integration. However, many organizations struggle to capture the enormous potential of their data assets as they’re locked away behind siloed applications and fragmented data estates.

Learn how to build streaming data pipelines to data warehouses to use real-time, enriched data. Whether your data is on-prem, hybrid, or multicloud, streaming pipelines help break down data silos and power real-time operational and analytical use cases.

During this hands-on session, we'll show how to:

  • Connect using Confluent’s fully managed PostgreSQL CDC Source connector to stream customer data to Confluent Cloud. We'll also use a fully managed sink connector to stream enriched data into Snowflake for subsequent analytics and reporting.
  • Process and enrich data in real time with ksqlDB, generating a unified view of customers’ shopping habits.
  • Govern data pipelines using Schema Registry and stream lineage.

We'll have a Q&A to answer any of your questions. Register today and learn to build your own streaming data pipelines!

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Maygol Kananizadeh

Sr. Technical Marketing, Confluent


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Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices