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Running Kafka efficiently: Scaling streaming data pipelines in Hypergrowth FinTech

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Faced with potentially exorbitant costs of long-term data storage, KOR Financial, an Atlanta-based fintech startup focused on trade reporting, needed a way to cost-effectively stay in compliance and keep all data secure with at least four decades’ worth of storage. They initially evaluated MSK for Apache Kafka® as a data streaming solution for real-time trade reporting but quickly ran into limitations. They needed to find a way to reduce their ops burden and TCO while working with a partner whose exclusive focus was Kafka.

Hear from KOR Financial's Chief Technology Officer, Andreas Evers, on how they used Confluent Cloud as a single source of truth and immutable transaction log for four decades’ worth of trade reporting data to stay in compliance with financial regulations. He explains how Confluent Cloud enabled KOR to:

  • Lower overall TCO by reducing storage costs with Infinite Storage and operational costs with fully managed features
  • Convince end customers (tier 1 and 2 banks) that their data is safe with uncompromising data security
  • Partner with the Kafka experts, leveraging 1M+ hours of Kafka experience and committer-led support

Join us on June 21, 2023 and learn why KOR chose Confluent over MSK.


Hasan Jilani

Product Marketing Manager, Confluent

Hasan Jilani is a product marketing manager at Confluent responsible for marketing Confluent Platform and Core Kafka. Prior to joining Confluent, Hasan led marketing for cloud and platform services at DXC Technology.

Andreas Evers

CTO, KOR Financial

Andreas leads the engineering team at KOR Financial as CTO. At Pivotal Software and VMware, he led the global application transformation architecture practice, helping major European enterprises and institutions with their digital transformation. His expertise spans various industries, including banking, insurance, aerospace, law enforcement, automotive, and aviation. He is an avid Open Source Software contributor and has spoken at international conferences such as Spring One, Current, Devoxx, and Java One.


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