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On Demand Demo: Develop a Streaming ETL pipeline from MongoDB to Snowflake with Apache Kafka®

Real-time ETL with Apache Kafka® doesn’t have to be a challenge. Watch this demo and see how with Confluent Cloud. With out-of-the-box source & sink connectors and SQL-based stream processing, all fully managed on a complete platform for data in motion, standing up your streaming ETL pipeline can be fast and easy.

During this demo you’ll see a pipeline built with data extraction from MongoDB Atlas, real-time transformation with ksqlDB, and simple loading into Snowflake. Demo attendees will leave with a clear understanding of their upcoming ETL implementation, how to get started with Confluent Cloud, and the resources available to assist with development.

You can get your feet wet with data in motion by creating a Confluent Cloud account. Try it for free today:


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