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How EVO Banco Transformed Fraud Detection with Data Streaming and Machine Learning

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EVO Banco is known for disrupting the national banking sector with its 100% digital banking model. The company’s goal? Using innovative technology to create modern banking solutions that make customers’ lives simpler.

EVO Banco’s Chief Data Officer and Manager of Innovation, Jose Enrique Perez sits down with Confluent to discuss how the bank stays one step ahead of sophisticated fraudsters while maintaining a frictionless customer experience with data streaming and machine learning.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • The challenges of protecting customers in a fully digital banking environment
  • A typical data architecture design for an anti-fraud detection system
  • How Evo Banco uses Confluent for real-time data ingestion and Apache Spark for batch processing and ML model training to improve their fraud posture

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Jose Enrique Perez

Chief Data officer (CDO) & Manager of Innovation, Evo Banco

Duncan Ash

Global Industries, Vice President, Confluent


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