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Real-time ETL Made Easy with Confluent

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Real-time ETL with Apache Kafka® doesn’t have to be a challenge. Join this webinar and see how with Confluent Cloud. With out-of-the-box source & sink connectors and SQL-based stream processing, all fully managed on a complete platform for data in motion, standing up your streaming ETL pipeline can be fast and easy.

During this session you’ll see a pipeline built with data extraction from MongoDB Atlas, real-time transformation with ksqlDB, and simple loading into Snowflake. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of their upcoming ETL implementation, how to get started with Confluent Cloud, and the resources available to assist with development.

Register for this webinar to chat live with a Confluent team member and get your questions answered live.

In the meantime, you can get your feet wet with data in motion by creating a Confluent Cloud account. Try it for free today:


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cc demo
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