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Data Mesh and Data in Motion Theory and Practice

05 December 2023

7:30am IST | 10am SGT | 1pm AEDT

Discover the Future of Data with Confluent Cloud's Cutting-Edge Data Mesh Solutions!

Experience a groundbreaking discussion led by James Golan, a solutions engineering expert at Confluent. In this comprehensive session, delve into the core concepts of data motion, where data powers digital experiences and businesses alike. Uncover the transformative potential of data mesh as James demonstrates a practical approach to implementing it within your organisation. Gain insights into the shift from traditional centralised data teams to domain-specific data ownership, empowering teams to manage their data efficiently.

Data mesh is not just a concept—it's a game-changing strategy that transcends technology, fostering collaboration and value creation across your organisation. James underscores how Confluent Cloud provides the ideal data mesh foundation, supporting analytical and operational use cases. With real-time data processing capabilities and scalability, you'll see how data mesh principles come to life.

Dive into enriching data products and explore stream processing topologies that ensure data quality and consistency. Confluent Cloud's latest features, including schema controls, data quality rules, and stream sharing, offer a holistic solution for implementing an effective data mesh strategy. Contact Confluent to discover how data mesh can revolutionise your data landscape, boosting efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.


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