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Conservez vos données à l’infini, sans charge opérationnelle, grâce aux fonctionnalités de stockage 10 fois plus évolutives de Confluent

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Provisioning your own Kafka clusters and retaining the right amount of data is operationally complex and expensive. To increase retention periods to meet longer term storage use cases or regulatory requirements, you have to overprovision infrastructure, even if you don’t need the additional compute resources, and manually rebalance the new cluster.

Join this webinar to learn how Confluent Cloud relieves these operational considerations with infinite storage for Kafka that’s 10x more scalable and high-performing. You’ll learn about:

  • Why storing long-term data in Kafka is valuable to modern-day businesses
  • What burdens and challenges exist when manually increasing retention periods with self-managed Kafka
  • How Confluent Cloud made Infinite Storage possible and made scaling storage 10x easier, complete with a live demo

You can ask questions of our experts in the Q&A chat during the webinar.


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