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Deploying Kafka on vSphere with Kubernetes Using the Confluent Operator

This session starts with the importance of Kafka as an event streaming and messaging platform for application-to-application communication - and gives a quick snapshot of the Confluent Platform. Then the "operators" method for deployment of many app platforms onto Kubernetes is underlined. We then take you step-by-step through a deployment of the Confluent Operator for Kafka on vSphere 7 with Kubernetes and show the benefits of this approach. We also show a second, external, Kafka message producer sending messages into the Kubernetes cluster and a consumer receiving them from there. This shows the ease of deployment, management and testing of Kafka with the Confluent Operator and Platform. Mention will be made about using a standalone Kubernetes cluster also. Attendees will leave with a good understanding of Kafka on modern vSphere.


Justin Murray