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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Event-Driven Microservices Architecture

A microservice architecture is an architectural pattern that structures an application as a collection of small, loosely coupled services that operate together to achieve a common goal. Because microservices work independently, they can be added, removed, or upgraded without interfering with other applications.

This flexibility is highly beneficial, allowing for easier deployment and testing, increased productivity, and improved scalability. But in order to operate as one cohesive application, independently run microservices must be linked by a seamless method of communication.

Thankfully, event-driven microservices enable real-time communication, allowing data to be consumed in the form of events before they’re requested. Read this white paper to discover:

  • How event-driven microservices work, including an example of an application composed of event-driven microservices using Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform
  • Additional aspects of microservices architecture (team structure, continuous delivery, deployment, and testing)
  • How Kafka and Confluent Platform enable and extend core principles of microservices

Download this resource and start laying a strong foundation for your microservices architecture!

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