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L’importance du contexte dans la lutte contre la fraude

Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, more connected and a bigger threat to your organization than ever before. Fraud attacks have become complex, challenging firms to defend billion dollar losses in board rooms across the globe. And the threat landscape is evolving daily. But how do the bad actors continue to outsmart seemingly failproof fraud detection models?

In our ebook “Putting Fraud In Context”, we explore the complexities of fraud detection, why current detection tools often fall short and how Confluent can help.

You will learn the importance of harnessing the right data, at the right time to circumvent the blind spots that lead to unauthorized transactions slipping through the net.

Learn from leading organizations like Capital One, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and EVO Banco, who have turned to Confluent to power their fraud strategies.

Download our ebook to learn more.

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