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Confluent Makes KSQL Available in Confluent Platform and Announces General Availability

Release of Confluent Platform 4.1 includes general availability of KSQL as well as usability enhancements across the entire Confluent Platform

Palo Alto, Calif. ‚Äď March 7, 2018 ‚Äď Confluent, provider of the leading streaming platform based on Apache Kafka¬ģ, today announced the release of Confluent Platform 4.1, which includes the general availability of KSQL, the open source streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka as well as its integration into Confluent Platform. KSQL enables any developer who knows SQL to create real-time, streams-based applications with a familiar syntax in an easy-to-manage-and-build solution.

After the initial release of KSQL, companies are utilizing its power to conduct real-time anomaly detection while keeping the data secure, monitor and manage fleets of vehicles while responding to external conditions such as weather and traffic, and create a streaming ETL solution that delivers the right data at the right time to business analysts, among a variety of other use cases. With this release, KSQL will remain open source, making it easy to continue to read, write and process streaming data in real time using SQL-like semantics. It is now fully integrated with Confluent Platform so companies will experience the world-class support available with Confluent Open Source, enabling enterprises to utilize it for critical, production use cases.

Along with the general availability of KSQL, Confluent Platform 4.1 provides features that enhance enterprise usability and scalability across the platform, including:

  • Confluent Control Center: Expands management capabilities by adding topic management and search functionality, supported in multi-cluster, secure environments. Read-only role support enables administrators to restrict access to topic management and provide monitoring-only access to Control Center.
  • Clients: Delivers new functionality for popular clients including Schema Registry support for the .NET client and message headers support for the C, Python, Go and .NET clients.
  • KSQL: Expands accessibility of real-time streams and is now designed for production workloads. After the initial release, KSQL was the top-rated project on GitHub and has since had dozens of external contributors participate in hundreds of commits to ensure production readiness. KSQL is tested automatically every night to verify the correctness of hundreds of queries on every code change.
  • Kafka‚Äôs Streams API: Improves operability and resilience and adds a new unit testing kit to verify the correctness of streaming applications.
  • Kafka Connect API: Adds a new JMS connector that enables seamless migration of data from ActiveMQ and IBM MQ to Apache Kafka.
  • Multi-Datacenter Replication: Allows businesses to replicate from on-premises to the cloud and introduces streamlined deployment and configuration to simplify Disaster Recovery operations.

‚ÄúWith the general availability of KSQL, now all developers can derive powerful insights from their streams of data using a familiar SQL interface,‚ÄĚ said Neha Narkhede, co-founder, CTO and head of product at Confluent. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôve seen companies do all kinds of stream processing using KSQL: from real-time monitoring and fraud detection, to real-time anomaly detection and streaming ETL, and much more. We‚Äôre looking forward to helping companies around the world go mainstream with stream processing as they use KSQL in production.‚ÄĚ

Confluent will be attending the Strata Data Conference in San Jose at booth #1131. Stop by to learn more about KSQL and see a demo of the tool in action.


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