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Confluent Platform and Rockset

Real-Time SQL Dashboards and Developer APIs on Data in Apache Kafka

Rockset is a fully managed search and analytics service that makes it possible for teams to analyze and act on event data in real time, simply using SQL. Rockset connects to Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform to continuously ingest event streams and provides full-featured SQL for filtering, aggregations, and joins with other data sets.

Together, Confluent Platform and Rockset enable users to easily create real-time APIs and live dashboards, using standard BI tools, on sensor, clickstream, and other streaming data.

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Why Rockset and Confluent Platform?

Join streaming data with enterprise data

Analyze event streams from Confluent Platform together with data in other systems for richer insights into your business operations.

Run fast SQL on fully indexed data

Rockset complements KSQL stream processing by serving as the sink that ingests and automatically indexes the processed stream, enabling full-featured SQL queries with millisecond-latency responses.

Serve live applications and dashboards

Power real-time applications, APIs, and dashboards using Rockset as a SQL serving layer for low-latency, high-concurrency queries on data from Confluent Platform.

Freedom of Choice

Rockset and Confluent Platform are both offered as a fully managed service in the cloud, that scales seamlessly, so you don’t have to provision, configure, or manage any software or infrastructure.

Confluent Platform and Rockset Stack for Operational Analytics

The Rockset Kafka Connector is a Verified Gold Kafka Sink Connector that sends events from Kafka topics in Confluent Platform to a collection of documents in Rockset. Rockset surfaces Kafka data to BI dashboards, like Tableau, via JDBC, and provides Python, Java, Node.js, and Go SDKs for building real-time APIs.


Analytics and Monitoring Dashboards

Best Practices for Analyzing Kafka Event Streams

Rockset-Confluent Solution Brief