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Confluent Platform and Privitar

Protect Sensitive Data in Confluent Platform with Privitar

With Confluent and Privitar, users can protect their data as it flows through Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka pipelines in real-time. Customers can accelerate access to insights and unlock the value of their data by automating data privacy protections. Privitar Data Privacy Platform‚ĄĘ protects sensitive data using de-identification to create safe usable datasets. Together, we help customers achieve fast, data-driven insights while overcoming trust barriers.

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Why Privitar and Confluent Platform?

Real-time protection

Protect data as it is processed by Confluent Platform and Kafka.

Accelerate data provisioning

Automate data privacy to unlock the value of data at scale and the speed of business.

Limit risk

Enforce business policies, deter misuse, increase trust and limit exposure to risk

Freedom of choice

Available on premises or in the cloud. Together, we remove barriers to cloud migration.

Privitar & Confluent Integration

The Privitar Kafka Connector is a Gold verified sink connector that de-identifies data as it flows through Confluent Platform and Kafka. Reading data from a Kafka topic, Privitar Kafka Connector applies a Privacy Policy in-process and writes the resulting Safe Data records to a destination Kafka topic. The result is datasets that retain their utility while adding safeguards to the privacy of data subjects.


Privacy Engineering in the World of Kafka

Privitar Kafka Connector

Confluent - Privitar Solution Brief