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Confluent Platform and HiveMQ

Streaming IoT Data to Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform with HiveMQ

Customers looking to deploy IoT devices, HiveMQ is partnering with Confluent to provide a scalable and reliable MQTT broker that transposes MQTT messages into Kafka messages. This allows for thousands and millions of devices to send and receive information from Kafka in a reliable and scalable manner.

Best Practices for Streaming IoT Data

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Why HiveMQ and Confluent Platform?

Connect thousands and millions of IoT devices

HiveMQ makes it possible to connect thousand or even millions of IoT devices to Kafka.

Reliable connections for IoT devices

Many IoT solutions, for example connected cars, need to work over unreliable networks. HiveMQ makes it possible to maintain connections with IoT devices.

Support for MQTT standard

HiveMQ is a complete implementation of the MQTT protocol so you have access to all the IoT features.

Bi-directional communication

HiveMQ allows for bi-directional communication of messages between IoT devices and Kafka clusters.

HiveMQ and Confluent Platform Integration

HiveMQ implements the native Kafka protocol within the MQTT broker. This allows HiveMQ to write Kafka messages directly to Kafka brokers, Confluent Servers or Confluent Cloud and receive Kafka messages back into the broker.


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HiveMQ and Kafka

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