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Confluent Platform and Diamanti

Performance and Scalability for Confluent Platform using Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes® Platform

Enterprises are facing an explosion of data from multiple sources. Scalability, performance, ease of use and management become very crucial in ingesting and processing all this data. In order to lower costs, increase scalability and use the latest technology, companies are turning to Kubernetes and containers to solve their complex and ever-increasing needs. Event streaming performance, like all things, is limited by the underlying infrastructure and storage. This is where the Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes® Platform, a bare-metal container infrastructure, helps unveil the full potential of Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform.

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Why Diamanti and Confluent Platform?

High performance

Bare-metal architecture, guaranteed QoS, and hardware offload for unprecedented throughput for Confluent Platform .

High infrastructure utilization

Multiple Kafka clusters can be deployed on the same shared infrastructure resulting in reduction in TCO

Freedom of choice

Both on-premises or public cloud environments are supported with Diamanti and Confluent

Plug and play self-service

Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform combines Kubernetes with Hyperconverged Infrastructure making Kafka deployment easy

Diamanti and Confluent Platform Integration

The Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform provides a turnkey solution for deploying containerized Kafka and Confluent Platform clusters and associated applications. With its bare-metal architecture, guaranteed QoS, and PCIe-level isolation for storage and networking, the Diamanti platform provides unprecedented performance for Kafka with low and deterministic latency.


Confluent Diamanti Solution Brief

Is Kubernetes ready for Kafka

Supercharge Apache Kafka(R) with Diamanti Solution Brief