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Simplified Hybrid Cloud Migration with Confluent and Google Cloud

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In uncertain times, business flexibility is at a premium. What is a proper cloud migration strategy? How can you safely prepare and migrate applications to hybrid cloud? Apache Kafka and Confluent provide flexible deployment options for a simplified, multi-cloud migration. Move workloads to Google Cloud Platform without a change of technologies, reducing risk, increasing business options, and optimizing workloads for GCP and hybrid cloud.

Unity Technologies, a video game and software development company, and creator of the world's leading real-time 3D development platform that reaches nearly 3 billion devices worldwide, recently turned to event stream processing via Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform to migrate to GCP.

Join Unity, Confluent and GCP to learn how to reduce risk and increase business options with a hybrid cloud strategy.

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  • Challenges and considerations with any cloud migration strategy
  • Why building a robust data pipeline across any cloud and on-premises systems, and replicating streaming data from any Kafka cluster to GCP matters
  • How utilizing Google technology including Google ML Engine, Google AutoML and Google BigQuery, in addition to partner ISV services like MongoDB, Snowflake, Datastax, can make a difference in your business
  • What Confluent's enterprise streaming platform offers above and beyond Apache Kafka
  • Why Unity moved to Google Cloud, what drove their migration, and the lessons they learned

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