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Online Talk

What’s New in Confluent Platform 5.5

Wednesday, April 29

11:00am SGT / 1:00pm AEST

Join the Confluent Product Marketing team as we provide an overview of Confluent Platform 5.5, which makes Apache Kafka and event streaming more broadly accessible to developers with enhancements to data compatibility, multi-language development, and ksqlDB.

Building an event-driven architecture with Apache Kafka allows you to transition from traditional silos and monolithic applications to modern microservices and event streaming applications. With these benefits has come an increased demand for Kafka developers from a wide range of industries. The Dice Tech Salary Report recently ranked Kafka as the highest-paid technological skill of 2019, a year removed from ranking it second.

With Confluent Platform 5.5, we are making it even simpler for developers to connect to Kafka and start building event streaming applications, regardless of their preferred programming languages or the underlying data formats used in their applications.

This session will cover the key features of this latest release, including:

  • Support for Protobuf and JSON schemas in Confluent Schema Registry and throughout our entire platform
  • Exactly once semantics for non-Java clients
  • Admin functions in REST Proxy (preview)
  • ksqlDB 0.7 and ksqlDB Flow View in Confluent Control Center


Nick Bryan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Nick Bryan is a senior manager on Confluent's Product Marketing team. Prior to joining Confluent, Nick was part of IBM's advanced analytics consulting practice. Nick holds an MBA from Northwestern University.