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Testing Kafka containers with Testcontainers: There and back again

¬ę Kafka Summit London 2022

Did you ever wonder how your applications will behave once deployed to production? Sure, you have unit tests, and your test coverage is sky-high. However, you might depend on external resources like Apache Kafka¬ģ or Kafka Connect connectors, kSQL, etc. Moreover, without proper integration testing, you cannot be confident about the stability of your production environment.

In this session, Viktor talks about Testcontainers, a library (that was initially created for JVM, now exists in many languages) that provides lightweight, disposable instances of shared databases, clusters, and anything else that can run in a Docker container! After a rapid-fire introduction to the core concepts of the containers how they can help improve integration testing, we‚Äôre going to zoom in to supported out-of-the-box containers. You will learn how to test the complex stacks like Apache Kafka¬ģ-based streaming platform (or even Confluent Cloud) and other components.

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