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Apache Kafka as the Backbone for Cybersecurity

¬ę Kafka Summit London 2022

Apache Kafka¬ģ became the de facto standard for processing data in motion across the enterprise. Cybersecurity is a key success factor across all use cases and industries.

Kafka is not just used as the backbone and source of truth for data, but also monitors, correlates, and proactively acts on events from various real-time and batch data sources to detect anomalies and handle incidents.

This talk explores why security features such as RBAC, encryption, and audit logs are only the foundation of a secure event streaming infrastructure. Learn about use cases and architectures including situational awareness, threat intelligence, forensics, air-gapped and zero trust environments, and SIEM / SOAR modernization.

Case studies show how enterprises transformed their security posture with innovations in event streaming and data intelligence.

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