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Stream Processing with Kafka and KSQL in Jupiter

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Describing the convenience of building an event driven application using stream processing and leveraging the power of KSQL. Events model our lives and actions be it machine or human generated. Apache Kafka used with KSQL help us transform and process events, using KSQL to express what we want to do with the respective data. In this talk, we will be doing a live demo with a custom made application relaying any sort of data to an internal system/application/rest proxy, this will publish events which in turn will be processed and transformed via KSQL queries and analysed using a visual tool. All the while describing how just simple queries (continuous queries in terms of KSQL) can work the magic of complete applications. We will be discussing broadly what streams and stream processing is and how does KSQL come into the picture to help us make our lives easier. This can be leveraged in any kind or nature of industry.

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