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Kickstart your Kafka with Faker Data

We all love to play with the shiny toys, but an event stream with no events is a sorry sight. In this session you’ll see how to create your own streaming dataset for Apache Kafka using Python and the Faker library. You’ll learn how to create a random data producer and define the structure and rate of its message delivery. Randomly-generated data is often hilarious in its own right, and it adds just the right amount of fun to any Kafka and its integrations!


Francesco Tisiot

Francesco Tisiot is the BI tech lead at Rittman Mead and Oracle ACE Director. As an analyst, architect, and developer, he has built expertise in the data integration and business analytics space over the years. Francesco is involved in the analytics community by blogging on the Rittman Mead website, speaking at various conferences around the world, and being the president of the Italian User Group.