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From legacy systems to microservices and back

Legacy systems are the kings of our IT architecture. They rule the evolution of the technology ecosystem that hosts them thanks to the control they have acquired over time on core data and key business processes. Legacy systems however pose severe limits in addressing critical business needs, as well as seizing opportunities for future growth. Digital Integration Hub (DIH) is a quite popular architecture to modernize legacy systems allowing the IT to evolve faster and better integrate modern technologies. In this talk we’ll:

  • Review DIH general architecture
  • Illustrate different patterns to offload data from legacy systems to Kafka with pros and cons in term of consistency and latency
  • Present different ways to consume data offloaded from legacy system to Kafka and their fit with different use cases
  • Show how to close the loop and use Kafka and CQRS pattern to handle all the data moving backward from applications to legacy systems


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