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Event Streaming with Kafka Streams and Spring Cloud Stream

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Spring Cloud Stream is a framework built on top of the foundations of Spring Boot, the foremost JVM framework for developing microservice applications. It brings the familiar patterns and philosophies that Spring has championed for years through its programming model by allowing developers to focus primarily on the business logic of their applications. Kafka Streams is a powerful stream processing library built on top of Apache Kafka and attracts many developers because of its simplicity and deployment models as microservice applications. By developing Kafka Streams applications using Spring Cloud Stream, application developers get the best of both worlds - simpler stream processing execution models of Kafka Streams and battle-tested microservices foundations of Spring Boot via Spring Cloud Stream. This talk will explore: The integration points and various capabilities of Spring Cloud Stream touchpoints with Kafka Streams How to build event streaming applications using Spring’s programming model built on top of Kafka Streams, including a demo of a stateful application using Kafka Streams and Spring Cloud Stream’s functional support How to use interactive queries to expose materialized views from the state stores in the application How this Kafka Streams application can run as part of a data pipeline using Spring Cloud Data Flow in Kubernetes

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