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Iron Mountain Virtual Tech Talk Hosted by Confluent

Friday, October 4, 2019

8:30am - 10:00am EDT

The world is changing. New problems need to be solved. Companies now run global businesses that span the globe and hop between clouds, breaking down silos to create seamless applications that synergize the organization. There is a continuous state of change that organizations must manage and innovate with. Traditional architectures simply cannot meet the challenges of real time and extreme scale. Today, we are addressing these new, rising needs through microservices, IoT, event hubs, cloud, machine learning and more. At some point it becomes obvious that we need to go back to basics, back to first principles of system design, and start again. The common element of all these new world problems is that they revolve around the notion of events. These events drive actions and reactions, and transform between different streams, splitting, merging and evolving like the pathways of your brain. To understand the importance of being event driven, we’ll examine why events have become so pivotal in our thinking today. We will then evaluate the qualities and how events have become a first-class concern for the modern organization, as awareness of events underpins event-first thinking and design. In this discussion we we will examine:

  • History of “events” – Why do they matter?
  • Adoption journey of the “event”
  • Considerations of the event-driven architecture
  • Transitioning to event-first thinking
  • Event-first versus event-command patterns for event-driven design
  • Event-command pattern
  • Benefits of the event-first approach


Paul Mac Farland

Director of Solutions Engineering - East Americas, Federal and LATAM

Paul has been working on Enterprise Solutions, Advanced Analytic Solutions and Big Data Solutions for over ten years. This includes everything from ultra-low latency middleware and trading technology to compliance systems to cybersecurity. As Director of Solutions Engineering for the Confluent team joining from Cloudera, Paul architects event streaming platform solutions across many industries and use cases allowing organizations to become event-driven.