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Streaming 101 Revisited: A Fresh Hot Take

¬ę Current 2022

Seven years ago, O’Reilly published the Streaming 101 and Streaming 102 articles, which have long served as the gateway for many undertaking their own journey into the world of stream processing. But while those articles have remained remarkably relevant over the years, they have also remained entirely static. Meanwhile, those of us pushing forward the envelope of stream processing have not.

Join Tyler Akidau, original author of those articles, and Dan Sotolongo, longtime collaborator and expert in streaming theory, as they reframe the fundamentals of stream processing in modern terms. What is streaming? What theoretical changes do we need to grow beyond the limitations of stream processing systems of the past? What wisdom can we draw from other disciplines to inform these changes? And if we transcend these limitations, can we make life simpler for everyone?

This talk will cover the key concepts of stream processing theory as we understand them today. It is simultaneously an introductory talk as well as an advanced survey on the breadth of stream processing theory. Anyone with an interest in streaming should find something engaging within.

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