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How Netflix Manages $18B of Content Spend

¬ę Current 2022

Netflix spends an ever increasing amount on content to bring joy to our members ‚Äď over 18 billion dollars in 2022! As a business, how does Netflix ensure that our forecasted spend is accurate? How do we enable systems and business processes to be able to move in a highly aligned, loosely coupled way that is so critical to the Netflix Culture? Come learn how Netflix Content Controllership Engineering uses Kafka to provide a highly available, ordered stream of data that allows our fleet of financial services to have a measurable increase in forecasting model accuracy by using data from Actual Spend. All while taking advantage of Netflix Engineering investment into our Studio API. We‚Äôll go into the details of building observability into our event-driven architecture, talk through event data enrichment, and explain how we are building scalability and flexibility into our design.

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