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GitOps for Event-Driven Architecture -- Kube-Style!

¬ę Current 2022

Event Streaming application architectures are inherently distributed, and comprise many moving parts, from Kafka clusters to connectors, streaming applications and monitoring systems. What if we can use a declarative Kubernetes API and GitOps practices to deploy and manage these complex event driven architectures across the hybrid cloud?

Introducing KCP, an open-source prototype of a multi-tenant control plane for workloads across (Kubernetes) clusters and clouds. In this session, we will show how KCP can be used to transform the way you deploy, manage and maintain your event streaming application architecture, topology and deployments. You will learn:

  • How to configure and deploy your Kafka clusters, connectors and applications across both private data centers and a managed cloud service using the standard Kubernetes Custom Resources and KCP controllers.
  • How security and access control can be centrally controlled in a single API for your entire event streaming topology.
  • How GitOps practices can be used by storing the definition of your event driven topology in Git as Kubernetes Custom Resources (CRs).
  • How to define connections and integrations between event streaming platforms, connectors and applications from a single, centralized, KCP Control Plane, and how these connections are materialized in deployments across different data centers and clouds.

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