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From Monoliths to Microservices - A Journey With Confluent

¬ę Current 2022

Indeed is consciously transforming our monolith applications to microservices. Moving monoliths from on-premise to a hybrid architecture is a non-trivial endeavor. It is as we know a marathon and never never a race when we refactor not all of our applications but, incrementally progress onward to resilience with cloud.

By partnering with Confluent we were able to procedurally migrate many of our workloads both critical and non-critical primarily using Kafka by adopting a data domain driven approach. In this talk, you will learn,

  1. How to piece complex puzzles when you have bits of information
  2. What questions to ask to prioritize feature improvements
  3. How to enumerate impact
  4. How to let your vendor know what is valuable

With over 20 years of experience working with various databases and datastores, I will share real examples of success and failures and lessons we learned when working with Confluent Cloud by:

  • Implementing strategies
  • Addressing short and long term value - for both technical and business
  • The very methodical methods to form roadmaps

If you’re in discussions surrounding engineering platforms at your organization then this talk is for you. If you are a data driven engineering organization with solid leadership with sound decisions behind it, join us for this talk and let’s have a discussion.

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