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Building a Data Streaming Center of Excellence

¬ę Current 2022

How do you accelerate success with data streaming at your organization? After developing an interest and recognizing the potential value in using Data Streaming technologies like Apache Kafka, organizations often struggle with implementing best practices at scale, and subsequently struggle in navigating the path to desired returns on investment (ROI).

This talk explores a solution to overcome common roadblocks and delays to realizing value at your organization - building a Data Streaming Center of Excellence (CoE). We will discuss the keys to success including workstreams and services required of a CoE, repeatable standards and guidance, supporting a community of practice, and more. You will see examples of use case templates, runbooks and documentation, team structures, and in general garner a better understanding of how you may implement a CoE given your unique culture, priorities, and streaming maturity level.

This will be an introductory-level talk that appeals to technical as well as non-technical personnel considering or building a central shared service offering for an organization. It is also ideal for managers or executives wondering how they might drive accelerated, large-scale adoption of data streaming across their enterprise in a governed, repeatable fashion.

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